The WHEN HIV AIDS briefing was held on 23 November 2008 at Imperial College, London, providing a concise overview of new International and UK HIV/AIDS initiatives and tools that had been prepared for World AIDS Day.  It also gave participants early access to new data, materials and news-makers.

The Keynote Presentation

Stephen Lewis
Former UN Special Envoy for AIDS in Africa, current Co-Director of AIDS-Free World and Professor in Global Health,  McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.  The full text of his presentation is available here (PDF).




Guest Presentations

Key UK, European and International Agencies presented new data, initiatives and plans at the WHEN briefing, available here:


Helena Vines Fiestas

Investing for Life
(PDF 960Kb)



Cornelius Oepen

GTZ Germany
Global Financing Mechanisms
(PP 900Kb):




Ben Duncan

European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control
European HIV/AIDS Surveillance Data
(PP 5.7MB)


Jeff Lazarus

WHO Regional Office for Europe
HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care, Clinical Protocols
(PP 1.4MB)


Lital Hollander

Reaching the Invisible
(PP 3.5MB)




Rifat Atun

Imperial College
The Dublin Declaration - Beyond Promises
(PP 250Kb)


Sarah Bernays

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Fragile Access to HIV Treatment and Stigma"
(PP 420Kb)

Lisa Power Terence Higgins Trust









For more information on the HIV/AIDS Briefing or other WHEN initiaitves please contact when@whcaonline.org