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World Health Assembly Consultation, 2009
WHEN's latest consultation meeting was held on 17th and 18th May in Geneva to discuss issues of the 62nd World Health Assembly (WHA). Various specialists, active in the topics of the assembly were invited to meet the journalists and editors and present to the meeting. These expert presentations are now available in streaming video on this site, along with the PowerPoint presentations, where used.

In a year when the WHA was shortened from two weeks to one, presentations to the WHEN meeting covered a wide range of topics from the WHA agenda, including an up-date and status report on Influenza H1N1. This and all other expert presentations can be viewed from the links below, each opening a new video page with link to PP.

The WHCA Action Guide to the 62nd World Health Assembly, presented at the WHEN and other international meetings held in Geneva over this period, is available to download as a pdf, here

The full report of the meeting will be available on this page soon. 

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Bernardus Ganter International Health Regulations, WHO
Roberto Ocon Occupational Health & Safety Specialist, ILO
Roberto Bertollini Coordinator, Department of Public Health & Environment, WHO
Ernesto Jaramillo Manager, MDR-TB Activities, WHO
Carla AbouZahr Dept of Measurement & Health Information Systems, WHO
Wim Van Lerberghe Director, Health System Governance & Service Delivery, WHO
Sabine Kopp Manager, Medicines Quality Assurance Programme, WHO
Ivo Kocur Department of Chronic Disease & Health Promotion, WHO
Charles Gardner Global Forum for Health Research
Delon Human Director, Health Diplomats
WHPA Perspectives on 62nd World Health Assembly
Jean-Marc Braichet Coordinator, Health Workforce Migration and Retention, WHO
Julia Greenburg Associate Director, AIDS-Free World
Aditi Sharma International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC)
Scott Ratzan Vice President Global Health, Johnson & Johnson