2014 WHEN World Health Assembly 67

Highlights from the WHEN Meetings at the 67th WHA

A perspective from the private sector:

Jeffrey Sturchio, Rabin Martin, USA

Mario Ottiglio, IFPMA, Switzerland

The World Health Editors Network (WHEN) is an international interprofessional exchange and action platform dedicated to exploring and strengthening communications as a positive determinant of health.


Second edition of the Media's pH Value's Global Health and Journalism Mentoring Initiative

WHEN meetings at WHA67, Geneva,  18-23 May 2014

A new mentoring approach

Media's pH Value's Global Health and Journalism Mentoring Initiative is a independent initiative which which aims to raise the health literacyof journalists and an awareness of their roles and responsibilities to raise health literacy of others.  The initiative explores the role of communications as a determinant of public health along-with epidemiology, law and economics.  The initiative provides on-going networking support. In this way the initiative aims to catalyse interest in global health reporting and strengthen global health communication. The initiative has already benefited from the active involvement of governments, civil society, the private sector and academia.

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The unofficial Guide to the 67th WHA

[Dr Chan's Opening address]

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