Franklin Apfel (UK) Managing Director and founding partner of World Health Communication Associates Ltd. Previously, I have worked as Head of Communications for the WHO Regional Office for Europe (Copenhagen), as Primary Health Care Fellow of the King’s Fund (London), as Regional Director for Central and Eastern Europe Project HOPE (Bratislava), and as a General Practitioner and medical director/CEO of California Health Leadership Inc. (Ukiah). He is a frequent presenter and moderator at international health events and co-manages the WHEN and WHY communicator networks.
I have five children and enjoy cooking, hiking and reframing.

Contact me at: [email protected]

Sabrina Cecconi (UK/Italy). Web editing, Translation and Adaptation. Video Rapporteuring

My name is Sabrina Cecconi. I have been program manager at World Health Communication Associates Ltd since 2009. I have a background in linguistics and 20 years experience in translation specializing adaptation and translation projects for generic and disease-specific quality of life measures, patient diaries and patient education materials. Within a 2009-2012 FWC for ECDC I have coordinated a multi-country European project on adaptation and translation of health and well-being informational materials related to vaccination. I am also web content and audio visual manager. I am a native Italian speaker. I can speak and write English and Spanish fluently.  I have 2 children and enjoy cooking, dancing and doing non native English reviewing/editing of health communication materials.
Contact me at: [email protected]

WHCA is an associate networked based organization. We have a core staff (Managing Director, Programme Director and Accounts Manager) and draw from our list of Associates to address consultancy requests for experts in a wide range of communication areas. These Associates, in turn, draw on their extended networks to identify and engage additional senior and junior experts as needed to fulfil contract needs.

All our Associates have proven track records in their specific fields of focus and have demonstrated good project management and English language skills, cultural sensitivity, international work savvy, and strong communication, analysis and reporting capacities. 

List of Associates (in alphabetical order):


Thomas Abraham (Hong Kong) - Risk Communication. Media Training. 
Professor Thomas Abraham is Director of the Master of Journalism programme at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC) of the University of Hong Kong and also runs a research programme in health risk communication. He teaches courses in Health and Science journalism as well. He has been a consultant for the World Health Organization UNICEF, FAO and other international organisations on risk communication, worked at WHO headquarters in Geneva during the influenza pandemic. Prior to joining JMSC, he worked for 25 years as a journalist. He is the author of Twenty-first Century Plague: The Story of SARS and is currently working on a book on the world’s efforts to eradicate polio. Thomas has been working with WHCA on all ECDC contracts related to Risk Communication

Hédinn Svarfdal Björnsson - Social Marketing, Health Promotion, School Health (Iceland) 
He is a health promotion specialist at the Icelandic Directorate of Health, where he is the programme manager of projects such as Health Promoting Secondary Schools and Health Promoting Communities, with a particular emphasis is on Social Marketing and Health Literacy. Prior to that, he worked at the Public Health Institute of Iceland. He also do a bit of teaching at three Icelandic universities, run a small company that manufactures teaching materials, and offer practical workshops on Motivational Interviewing, mostly to healthcare professionals.

His background is in Social Psychology, but his current PhD project is within the sphere of Public Health (Health Literacy). He has lived, studied, and worked for a number of years in the USA, England, China, and Iceland.

Goof Buijs - School Health, Health promotion, Evaluation Research (Netherlands). He is senior consultant at CBO BV and programme manager of the Schools for Health in Europe (SHE) network. He graduated at Wageningen University in Human Nutrition (1980, honours degree) and started his working career as teacher trainer in Amsterdam. From 1985 he has been active in the area of school health promotion, first on a local level in Amsterdam, since 1995 on a national and international level at the Netherlands Institute for Health Promotion NIGZ. In 2012 NIGZ merged with CBO, a TNO company. CBO is expert institute expert institute on innovation in health promotion and health care. He is an expert in school health promotion, promoting healthy lifestyle for children and young people, in strategic development and implementation as well as training and consultancy, both nationally and in Europe and worldwide. Since 2008 CBO acts as a WHO collaborating centre for school health promotion.

He is project manager of several EU cofunded and international projects, including HEPS, Boys&Girls and HEPCOM. In 2011 he received a knighthood (‘Ridder in de Orde van Oranje Nassau) for his work as local environmental activist.

|CBO: |SHE network: |HEPCOM project:


Phil Chamberlain (UK) Science writing.  Rapporteuring.  Media Training

Phil Chamberlain is a journalist with more than 15 years' experience. He has worked for several newspapers and magazines including The Guardian, The Independent, The Daily Mail, New Statesman, The British Medical Journal and Computer Weekly. His communications clients have included: the UK Department of Health, the Government Office of the South West, Bath & North East Somerset Council, Wiltshire Council, Bristol City Council, Swindon Borough Council, South Somerset District Council, the World Health Organisation and IBM. Phil also lectures in journalism at the University of the West of England. Phil has worked with WHCA as a rapporteur to several HIV/STD meetings. He has also worked as a researcher and writer on the “Let’s talk about protection” project.


Stephen Cooper (UK)- Web design and editing. Innovative use of new media. For the past 15 years Stephen Cooper has been director of millipedia, a multimedia agency specialising in the charity, not for profit, health and education sectors that provides specialist technical and design services to a wide range of clients from large organisations such as Channel 4 Learning, BBC Active and Friends of the Earth through to charities with only a few members of staff. During that time he has been responsible for producing mobile apps, CD ROMs, multi-language websites and campaigns, content management systems and bespoke software using a range of technologies. Since 2012 he has been co-founder of Miappi (a social media networking platform) and was responsible for it’s initial technical development and architecture. Since 2010 he has been Director at Appismo a company that provides a platform enabling users to easily build and manage mobile applications. Stephen has worked with WHCA on web development work for ECDC.  Web design and editing. Innovative use of new media.


Adam Crosier (UK)- Social Marketing. Social Science Research. Behavioral Communications

Adam Crosier is a social research analyst with 20 years’ experience of quantitative and qualitative research. He has led studies investigating strategies to prevent TB infection among hard to reach groups, and research among problematic drug users and people who are homeless. Adam led an influential review of UK Government health campaigns and is a former co-director of the National Social Marketing Centre. He is a research associate of the King's Fund - and led an evaluation of the King's Fund's programme aimed at improving the experience of patients in hospital. He has served as a public health advisor to the Healthcare Commission. He was a member of a Government inquiry investigating the impact on consumer behaviour of controls on the marketing of Follow on Formula milk. Adam has been recommended to WHCA by Jeff French as a behaviour change communication and social marketing expert 


Jane Fiona Cumming (UK) Branding Specialist. Social Mobilisation.

Jane Fiona  is currently Director and co-founder of Article 13 ( Experienced in translating communication needs into branding that is stakeholder relevant.  Highly experienced in communications planning, building branding and re-branding campaigns that transform (or innovate new) sectors ranging from food and drink products to pharmaceuticals, health, public health, access to medicines and emerging/future scenarios e.g. resistance to antibiotics, stratified medicine as well as reaching traditionally ‘hard to reach’ groups and sectors of society. Practical experience in the UK, Europe, Middle East and sub Saharan Africa. Jane has been recommended to WHCA by Jeff French as a branding expert.

Dr Petra Dickmann MD, PhD is founder and director of dickmann risk communication drc | - an international consultancy for risk communication and public health that combines expertise in health security, communication and infectious diseases.

Her  clients are International organizations, Governments, Industry, BSL4 laboratories. Petra is a risk communication expert with a strong background in humanities and medicine and over a decade experience working in research, consultancy and policy. She holds an MA in communication and completed her PhD in cultural and political sciences with an interdisciplinary research on biosecurity. She is also a medical doctor by training and did her medical doctoral research (MD) in the field of CBRN threats and their impact on public perception.

Petra has held positions at the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin (Centre for Biological Security) and the University Hospital Frankfurt (Department of Infectious Diseases; High Containment Unit); and as Research Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) undertaking research in international health policy, health security and the methodologies of a new risk communication paradigm.

Together with WHCA Petra has been working on new conceptual approaches to risk communication and innovative training modules for ECDC. Petra also leads consultancy projects with LSE enterprise, Connecting Organisation for Regional Disease Surveillance (CORDS), Chatham House and other international organisations.
For more information, please visit her website:

My name is Diliana Dilkova. I am part of the managing team of National Network of Health Mediators in Bulgaria. For the last 10 years I have been working in the healthcare field with focus on improving the access to health and social services for underserved population belonging mainly to Roma communities. I am trainer of Health mediators, expert and coordinator of local and European projects focused on integration of disadvantaged ethnic groups. My work with Health mediators is mainly focused on topics like increasing vaccination rates among Roma communities, adapting and providing health information, addressing discrimination practices in healthcare, working on prevention of early marriages among Roma youths. I coordinated the projects for cultural adaptation of ECDC’s “Let’s talk about protection” materials on vaccination in Bulgaria as well as their pilot introduction among Healthcare providers, Health mediators and Roma communities. My professional interests and occupation also include my formation as psychoanalyst within “Espace analytique” Association and my psychoanalytic practice in Sofia. I enjoy travelling and spending my free time in nature for some trekking, rock climbing or just taking photos.



Jeff French is a global thought leader in Social Marketing and social programme planning and evaluation and has published over 90 papers and three books. Jeff is a Professor at Brighton University and a Fellow at Kings College London University. Previously Director of Policy and Communication at the UK Health Development Agency and a senior civil servant in the Department of health. In 2005 Jeff led the UK government review of Social Marketing and set up the National Social Marketing Centre in 2006. In 2009 Jeff became the CEO of Strategic Social Marketing Ltd. Strategic Social Marketing works internationally with private companies, NGO and governments on the development and evaluation of social programmes that aim to influence behaviour. Jeff is a member of several national and international policy committees and is a member of the Editorial Board of four professional Journals. Jeff is the organiser of the World Social Marketing Conference. Jeff is a member of the International Social Marketing Association Executive and the European Social Marketing Association Board. Jeff has worked on behaviour change and social policy programmes in over 26 countries.


Viorica Gheorghiu (Romania) Communication. Surveillance.

Dr Viorica Gheorghiu works for the National Centre of Surveillance and Control of Communicable Diseases and is responsible of AFP surveillance and is secretary of the Expert Committee of AFP cases classification. She also coordinates the activities of surveillance and control of: STDs and malaria. She is an ECDC communication contact point. She has participated in elaboration of methodologies for communicable diseases surveillance. She has done training and supervision of family doctors on surveillance of infectious diseases; has participated in research proposals and coordinated teams for operational interventions in case of emergency situations. Viorica has worked with WHCA as the Romanian National Project Coordinator in the translation and adaptation of the “Lets talk about protection” guidance for HCPs.

Lindsay Gill (UK) ** Science writing. Editing. Social and Natural Science Research. Branding

Lindsay Gill is a Science Communication Manager at the Centre for Process Innovation, in Durham, UK. Her main activities are: Develop and implement brand and communication strategies for collaborative scientific UK and European R&D Projects including stakeholders such as: Durham University, Procter and Gamble, and Siemens. Manage a small team: prioritising deadlines, maintaining quality, and encouraging novel approaches. Lindsay also does script writing, filming and editing and has produced online films for scientific projects. She has a MA Media and Journalism (Newcastle University, UK) and BSc Biology & Science Communication (Royal Holloway University of London, UK). Lindsay was one of the young journalists selected by WHCA for the Geneva Journalism Mentoring Project in May 2013. She has excellent writing, researching and reporting skills.


Maya Grekova is Professor in Sociology at Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’. Her research focuses on social relations, minority problems, and urban studies – areas in which she also teaches BA and MA courses. She has published theoretical monographs and articles as well as analyses of results of empirical studies that were designed and supervised by her. One of her main research areas in the last 15 years is the situation of the Roma minority in Bulgaria with an emphasis on the need to rethink the concepts of minority, minority problems, and minority integration in the context of contemporary society. Since 2005 she has been working on different projects of the Minority Health Problems Foundation conducting sociological research related to the social and health status of Roma population in Bulgarian towns and villages. Her main concern in that field is the unacceptable but publicly valid understanding of the process of minority (Roma) integration, and the negative images of and attitudes towards Roma people stemming from such an understanding. Last year, she elaborated the evaluation research model within the frames of ECDC’s “Let’s talk about protection” pilot project in Bulgaria and coordinated its implementation.


Stewart Handyside (UK) Science Writer. Editor

Dr Stuart Handyside is associate managing editor, ProMED-mail (<> the International Society for Infection’s Program for the Monitoring of Emerging Diseases). He is a general medical practitioner at Orchard Surgery in Hertfordshire since 1 November 2000.  He has collaborated with ECDC (as Original articles editor), European Science Editing, and the journal of the European Association of Science Editors. Stuart has worked with WHCA on several ECDC projects including serving as an editor for Eurosurveillance and the EMIS report. 

Gerard Hastings, (Scotland), Social Marketing

Professor Hastings is the first UK Professor of Social Marketing and founder/director of two leading research centres in the field: the Institute for Social Marketing (ISM) ( and the Centre for Tobacco Control Research (CTCR) ( Both are the first of their kind in Europe and are pushing the boundaries of the discipline. The ISM’s Review of Research on the Effects of Food Promotion to Children ( (‘The Hastings Report’) provided the first systematic review evidence in this field. Gerard is particularly interested in supporting the development of an international summer school on social marketing. Gerard is a Professor at Stirling and the Open University and Professeur Associé at the École des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique in Rennes. He worked in market research before beginning his academic career, which has focused on researching the impact of marketing on society - both for good and ill. This led to the founding of the Institute for Social Marketing and Centre for Tobacco Control Research and has involved him in advising Government and working with policy makers and civil society both nationally and internationally. Gerard was awarded an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List 2009 for his services to healthcare. Gerard has worked with WHCA on a social marketing development programme in Slovenia. 

IUHPE***- Health Promotion – Consultancy service. Health Promotion. Research and Evaluation.

As a membership Organization, the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) gathers public health, health promotion and health education specialists and institutions from all over the world,

The IUHPE has established a Consultancy Service as a means of supporting good practice among the health promotion and public health community. This service will draw on IUHPE personnel who have the necessary skills, expertise, experience and time to provide high quality consultancy services across a range of functions.

IUHPE has been a sub-contractor of WHCA on the ECDC Health Promotion and Communicable Diseases research project. IUHPE has signed an agreement to make their consultation services available through WHCA to address request for offers under this Framework contract.

Stuart Jackson (UK) Social Marketing - Behaviour Communications - Branding

Stuart Jackson founded ICE  ( in 1999 and today, in his role as Chief Executive leads a team of 50+ skilled individuals, offering strategic behavioural and social marketing and communication and engagement strategy for a range of UK, European and Global clients. Project work includes campaigns around accidents, lifestyles and wellness. Prior to creating ICE, Stuart worked in the private sector on national branding strategies to increase in store purchasing for key clients included Asda, The Body Shop, Virgin and Kodak. Stuart has been recommended to WHCA by Jeff French as a behaviour change communication and branding expert 

Mike Jempson (UK) Editing.  Media Training

Mike Jempson is a journalist, author and trainer with more than 35 years experience in print, broadcasting and public relations. Since 1996 he has been Director of the MediaWise Trust, the journalism ethics charity (previously known as PressWise) that he co-founded in 1993. Mike advises individuals and organisations with complaints about the media, and runs training programmes and media literacy projects in the UK and internationally, as well as being a Senior Lecturer at the University of the West of England. Working with UN agencies and the International Federation of Journalists, he has devised and delivered training for journalists and NGOs in more than 30 European, African and Asian countries. WHCA has worked with Mike for many years as a trainer, researcher, writer and editor.


The MediaWise network*** includes an international team of journalists, radio and TV producers and media consultants (mostly former staff from national newspapers, the BBC and ITV). Between them they have worked in every European country, and many others, and many can work in several languages. MediaWise also works as consultant with the International Federation of Journalists, giving strong links to journalist organisations throughout the world. Mediawise is also linked with the Ethical Journalism Network  (, the UK-based Media Diversity Institute ( and ( based in Lithuania. WHCA has worked with Mediawise for many years and they have provided many research, writing, editing, rapporteur and transcription services


Alex Kirby (UK) Media Training. Editor. Science Writer

Alex Kirby has over 30 years’ experience as a news journalist. Since his retirement from BBC in 2006 he has continued to do communication training for journalist and other communicators. He has in this capacity worked for EU, UN, OSCE, USAID and other international agencies. He has trained both journalists and NGO advocates all over the world. Alex has an extensive network of students and collaborators around the world, which can provide both local intelligence and a potential supply of additional communication consultants. Alex has worked with WHCA for many years as a writer, editor, researcher and presenter.


Heidi Larson (UK) Vaccine and Communicable Disease Research. Social Mobilisation, Use of new Media

Dr Larson is a Senior Lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and leads

a research group (The Vaccine Confidence Project) conducting global information surveillance of public vaccine concerns which conducts in-depth current and retrospective analyses of reasons for vaccine hesitancy and refusals by vaccine and geographic locations. Heidi has a very broad communication and management experience in many UN Agencies and University based settings. She serves on numerous boards and committees including the WHO Sage committees on vaccination, measles and rubella. Heidi is an anthropologist by training and has published extensively as well as produced many films on infectious disease related topics. Heidi has worked with WHCA on the development of a vaccine checklist for the innovations taskforce of the UN Secretary General’s Mother and Child taskforce and an ECDC influenza meeting in Nov 2013. In addition to serving as a potential associate expert, Heidi has agreed to explore ways LSHTM students could be used as junior researchers and communicators with ECDC projects.

Amanda Madden (UK) Behaviour change communication

Amanda is responsible for leading the social and behavioural change teams within ICE. Developing the behavioural offer in line with the needs of clients and the populations that they serve. With her team she leads both large scale central Government programmes through to locally activated projects designed to engage and support behaviour change in very targeted groups. Amanda has been recommended to WHCA by Jeff French as a behaviour change communication expert.

Rebecca Malby is the Director of the Centre for Innovation in Health Management. She has a track record in organisational and leadership development in the public sector, working primarily with the NHS and with Local Authorities, in the UK and Europe. Becky leads the International Shaping Health Systems Network with hub groups in Asia, North America, Africa and Europe. Becky also project managed the new Leeds Institute for Quality Healthcare. Becky is a Board Member of the European Health Management Association, a critical friend of the New Economics Foundation Coproduction Network. She is also a founding member of the More Leaders for Leeds Network, and has recently been an advisor to the Cabinet Office on the Choice Agenda and to the Health Foundation on Networks.

Previously Becky led the European Health Management Association Special Interest Group on Management Development, was a critical friend of the NESTA People Powered Health programme, and a judge for the HSJ Inspirational women award. She has been a Director of the Northern Leadership Academy Think-Tank, prototyping effective leadership interventions in the public and voluntary sectors.

Prior to CIHM, Becky was Director of Complex Systems Associates; Head of Corporate Development at the Nuffield Institute at Leeds; and a Fellow at the Kings Fund. She started her career in clinical work, moving into managerial, research and organisational change posts in the NHS, at Trust through to Regional levels. She has an MA in Public and Social Policy.


Dominic McVey  (UK) Systems Research and Methods. Social Marketing

Dominic McVey has extensive experience of developing, leading and managing public health research, social marketing programmes and health communication strategies at national, regional and local level.

As Director of Research for the Health Education Authority in England, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the National Social Marketing Centre and the Health Development Agency he initiated and managed programmes of research on health interventions; social capital and social exclusion; large scale health and lifestyle surveys, including surveys of ethnic minority populations and managed the development and evaluation of numerous public education campaigns, including the national HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns and national anti-smoking campaigns. He has engaged in several pan-European research projects and advised the EU and the WHO. Dominic has published many research reports and written academic papers on research methods and programme evaluation, serves on several advisory groups and is an Associate Research Fellow at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. 


Rebecca Megson (UK) Science writer, researcher, new media. 

She is a freelance writer and journalist, with MA in Journalism at the University of the West of England.  As well as being something of a social media junkie, she is a columnist for The News Minute ( and can be regularly found blogging at As a freelancer she writes website content, blogs and marketing content.  She haa a strong background in data (and a secret passion for excel and databases) having worked for Thomson Reuters for a number of years.  Therefore she also undertakes data analysis and research projects on behalf of clients. Social, ethical and humanitarian issues rock her world and she remains enough of an idealist to believe in the power of the pen to change that world - for the better.  Through her involvement with WHCA she has become increasingly obsessed by global public health stories and plan to keep on digging in this fertile ground.


Nadia Carolina Oprandi * (Italy) Social Science Research Methods. Translation/Adaptation.

Nadia Oprandi is one of the founding members of Sistematika, a small company that deals with research in health and social context. Nadia has extensive experience in qualitative techniques of public opinion research (Focus Group, interviews, Nominal Group Technique, Delphi method). Nadia has participated, both as Senior Researcher and Project Manager, in the translation and cultural adaptation (and sometimes in the development and validation) of more than 100 questionnaires on Health-Related Quality of Life for various international companies, as well as participating in projects on Patient Reported Outcomes sponsored by GSK, Pharmacia & Upjohn, Pfizer, Novartis, Istituto Mario Negri, etc.  Previously Nadia has worked as a freelance consultant for Emme & Erre, a company based in Padua working in the field of social research and education. At WHCA she has collaborated as an expert in organising and running focus groups and has been the coordinator of the multi-country ECDC project on cross-border adaptation of health informational materials related to vaccination.

Wayne Powell (UK) Use of New Media. Web site management, Editing. Transcription

Wayne Powell works at University of the West of England as Administrator for the International Water Security Network. This involves handling administration, communication and dissemination – including management of the website, Twitter feed and newsletter – as well as overseeing financial matters, organising meetings and preparing reports for funders. Since 2003 he also works as Researcher and Webmaster at the MediaWise Trust, Bristol, UK. He has excellent written and spoken communication skills, IT skills and is an excellent proof- reader. Wayne has been working with WHCA since 2008 as a transcriber, editor and proofreader.

Graham Robertson (UK) Executive Management Coaching and Mentoring

Graham Robertson began working as a consultant and coach in 2010, following a successful 32-year career in the NHS in Scotland, working in the field of public health and health promotion. From 2003-2010 he served as Chief Executive (and Executive Board Member) NHS Health Scotland. Since becoming a consultant activities undertaken have included: participating in national policy appraisal missions for the World Health Organization (WHO) in Europe; providing consultancy support for the development of strategy for internationally-focused NGOs; writing training materials for EU-funded projects: evaluative toolkits (work/employability and health policies); partnership working (for organisations involved in sexual assault interventions) and training programmes for staff development: personal communications; project management; time management; and performance management for senior staff. Graham serves on the management board of the IUHPE and is the first Associate to be referred from them for this ECDC work. 

Tamsin Rose (Belgium) Meeting Facilitation, Research

Tamsin Rose is currently working as an independent consultant specialising in EU health activities. Tamsin served as general secretary of the European Public Health Alliance from 2002-2005. She has facilitated the creation of a new advocacy network of 15 global health NGOs to work on the UN MDGs, particularly HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria. She has extensive knowledge of EU institutions, policies and programmes and has been actively involved in the development and implementation of complex, multi-stakeholder advocacy campaigns on key health issues. Tamsin has worked with WHCA since 2005 and has served as a facilitator and rapporteur of many meetings and has conducted country based research with Roma populations for the Let’s talk about protection guidance.

Satyajit Sarkar (UK) Risk Communication. Social Mobilization. Behaviour Change Communication

Satya Sarkar is an expert in policy advocacy, social mobilization, risk communication, and behaviour change communication strategy/campaigns for public health. Satya has been working in the past years at WHO both as a Risk Communication & Capacity Building Consultant and as consultant in Policy Advocacy & Communication Dept. of Nutrition for Health and Development, WHO-HQ Geneva.

He has been collaborating as an Independent Consultant/Expert and member of technical working group on risk communication for WHCA. As part of a 3-member expert group, Satya has worked with WHCA and contributed to the development, piloting, and implementation of the ECDC risk communication training courses. 


Tuuli Sauren, Founder and Creative Director at INSPIRIT Creatives UG NGO, Berlin Germany.
Tuuli has over two decades of experience as an art director and lead designer. She is a qualified advertising designer (Diploma in Advertising Design and Marketing M.A.T., Marketing Institute, Finland) and has worked for well-known international advertising agencies such as McCann-Erickson for many years, so she knows the whole spectrum of the agency business.
INSPIRIT Creatives is a design agency that covers all classic fields of this industry and also pursues other very relevant, society-changing goals. INSPIRIT Creatives is thus the first agency for communication design that integrates and implements humanity and human rights as a mission in its business plan. Our slogan, "Creativity meets Humanity" is actually implemented at INSPIRIT Creatives.
Tuuli was a juror at the ico-D (International Council of Design) sustainability standard. In spring 2015, she launched the Sustainable Designers Initiative (SDI), an initiative to improve accessibility to shape education around the world, especially on continents where inequality is more of a rule than an exception. In December 2015 she co-founded the SD standard (Sustainable Design Standard), a design standard with a 4-pillar sustainability structure that contains over 100 criteria for designers. In 2019 she founded the NGO INSPIRIT Creatives UG, one of the first agencies for communication design, which took over activities as an NGO and developed projects to help rural communities become self-sufficient and resilient. She is a voting member of CIVICUS and a member of Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity. She is passionate about human rights issues, social justice, horses and the human intellect. As a project manager with customer and account responsibility, she also has extensive commercial know-how.

Lee Stewart (UK) Branding. Design. Innovative use of new Media

Lee Stewart is managing director of Print-it which provides full service printing services as well as Graphic Design services. Having Graphic Design and print together Lee can ensure Brand consistency, quick turnaround, quality control on all processes including other communication methods, websites, adverts, presentations etc., that all adhere to brand guidelines. WHCA has been working with Print-it on design related issues to support ECDC work on adaptation and toolkit kit development. 


Chitra Subramaniam, Media training. Editing. (Switzerland/India). The News Minute's Editor-in-chief, is a journalist most known for her reporting on Bofors. She has been a UN correspondent, reported on the Bosnian war, GATT-WTO, Arms Control, among other issues. She was a diplomat at the WHO (leading the policy analysis and communications work for the flagship tobacco control treaty the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Together with Dr. Franklip Apfel, Subramaniam developed a multi-country media advocacy campaign “Tobacco Kills – Don’t Be Duped” which now serves as a basis for WHO campaigns.  She has managed a company from Switzerland working with the TATA Group (India), The Wallenberg group (Sweden) and Ferrari (Italy), to name a few. She is a recipient of two of India's highest journalism awards-The B.D. Goenka Award and the Chameli Devi Award.

The News Minute is India’s first English news aggregator.


My name is Viv Taylor Gee. As a communications professional, I am experienced in working for an international audience. I specialise in writing and editing clear, cogent English for web content, journalists, press releases, press conferences, meeting summaries, reports, technical information, campaigns and capacity-building.
From 1997 to 2009 I was Communications Officer at the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe in Copenhagen, initially focusing on environment and health, but also covering other health specialties. My work included press relations, video, rapporteuring, report writing and web content, working closely with technical experts to translate their sometimes obscure technical jargon into good accessible English or images. I then became web manager at WHO, responsible for the entire web site.
My background is in the NGO sector in the UK, and in television documentary film-making highlighting health and social issues, for Thames TV, Channel 4 and the BBC. I am married, with four daughters. I would very much like to have three lives: one for living, one for reading, and one for writing.