What we do

 Franklin Apfel (UK) Managing Director and founding partner of World Health Communication Associates Ltd. 
Previously, I have worked as Head of Communications for the WHO Regional Office for Europe (Copenhagen), as Primary Health Care Fellow of the King’s Fund (London), as Regional Director for Central and Eastern Europe Project HOPE (Bratislava), and as a General Practitioner and medical director/CEO of California Health Leadership Inc. (Ukiah). He is a frequent presenter and moderator at international health events and co-manages the WHEN and WHY communicator networks.
I have five children and enjoy cooking, hiking and reframing.

Contact me at: franklin@whcaonline.org


Sabrina Cecconi (UK/Italy). Web editing, Translation and Adaptation. Video Rapporteuring

My name is Sabrina Cecconi. I have been program manager at World Health Communication Associates Ltd since 2009. I have a background in linguistics and 20 years experience in translation specializing adaptation and translation projects for generic and disease-specific quality of life measures, patient diaries and patient education materials. Within a 2009-2012 FWC for ECDC I have coordinated a multi-country European project on adaptation and translation of health and well-being informational materials related to vaccination. I am also web content and audio visual manager. I am a native Italian speaker. I can speak and write English and Spanish fluently.  I have 2 children and enjoy cooking, dancing and doing non native English reviewing/editing of health communication materials.
Contact me at: sabrina@whcaonline.org

The World Health Communication Associates (WHCA) works to improve health by helping public health advocates and organisations acquire the knowledge, savvy and resources to enable their messages to stand out and positively shape health choices, behaviours and perceptions in local, national and global information marketplaces. WHCA focuses exclusively on health and environmental issues and does no product promotion. The Associates are an independent network of active, strategically-placed communicators, with practical experience in health and environment reporting, investigative journalism, policy advocacy, intergovernmental and non-governmental public and press relations, international conference organisation and cross-border campaigning.


WHCA Core Activities

Conference communication

We help develop communication strategies and provide on-the-ground support for press activities before, during and after events.

Cross-border campaigning. Locally-based WHCA associates coordinate and customise campaigns in selected information marketplaces.
Fund raising. We work with clients to find third-party support for their communication activities as well as identifying ways of shifting existing resources.

Training. We provide on-site and virtual training in individual, organizational, national and cross-border media advocacy.
Networking. We negotiate partnerships and alliances which link clients to relevant communication networks, knowledge and resources.

WHCA Core Clients/Partners

  • European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).
  • International Alliance of Patient Organizations (IAPO)
  • International Council of Nurses (ICN)
  • World Health Professions Alliance (WHPA)